Robert Kelly

is one of those people who always gets ‘pumped’ around the holidays. One holiday season brought something even more special than normal. At the time, Rob’s employer had selected him for a promotion. It was a tremendous opportunity to be given the chance to manage a $50 million project. Not only would the financial benefits increase substantially for him, he would get the chance to work with some new technology. He was so excited!

Rob is a quiet, hard working, faithful and steady guy. He is one of those people who when given a task, will quietly and efficiently accomplish it with great results. Whether at home, church, or work Rob knows the source of his strength. He seemed to be on the threshold of something big happening in his life. But it appeared that a few things around him sought to jeopardize these promising opportunities. Despite this amazing prospect, his immediate supervisor at the time said, “Sorry Rob. I know that is a great opportunity and I would love to approve the move, but our group has too many strategic projects I need to you to run.” After a few rounds of discussions, the situation was changing.

As 2011 began to take shape, Rob became even more disenchanted with the organization. The strategic projects turned out to be ‘less than challenging’ and organizational changes were not headed in a positive direction. Rob recalled, “I began to pray…’Lord, you brought me this job in the first place. Either something needs to happen here or I need to move on’”. Week after week he would continue the same prayer, but nothing seemed to change!

Months have gone by. It is now Monday night, May 8th. During bedtime prayers Rob’s son Lucas prayed, “God, can you give my mommy and daddy more money? I want cool stuff like Mr. _____”, who happens to be a member at LWFC. That Wednesday Rob received a phone call from a recruiting firm. The gentleman he talked to said, “We haven’t spoken in some time, but I came across your resume and would like to talk to you about a position we have open.” Rob and the recruiter scheduled a meeting for that afternoon where Rob learned about a consulting job at one of the three fastest growing and profitable companies in the US. Rob shared that after that meeting, the recruiter added, “I would like to try and line up a phone interview with our client in the next week to ten days”. Well, that Thursday morning the recruiter called and asked if Rob could do a phone interview that Friday. Rob quickly and excitedly said, “Sure!” Ten minutes later he called and asked if Rob could do an in-person interview instead. The answer was the same, “Sure!” He happily replied, “9:00 a.m. it is!” Rob recalls that in nearly 11 years of consulting, he has never seen a hiring move this quickly; especially for a position he didn’t even apply for. So Friday 9:00 a.m. came, the interview went well, Rob left the big new company’s offices at 10:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m. he was offered the new job!

Do you remember the offer from his former employer? A senior executive slot, managing new technology, a $50 million dollar project, all adding up to a substantial raise. Well, check this out! Now we have a senior level position, managing 2 new “cutting edge” technologies with an entirely new business process, in what is a $500 million dollar project, which now amounts to a 30% raise! Rob adds jokingly, “I had been praying since January and Lucas nailed it in 1 night!”

The blessings don’t end here! Rob was a bit nervous about the timing of leaving his present employer. They had not paid any bonuses yet and he was told if he left he may have to forfeit that money. He and his wife, Jasmin, prayed together and claimed it in the name of Jesus. He had done the work so they thought he should receive the bonus. Rob recalls that during this prayer Jasmine had spoken a dollar figure that was two times what he received the year before. Shortly after, Rob’s supervisor confirmed that he would be receiving his bonus! Rob remembered, “I was so excited and started thinking of some modest dollar numbers!” Rob explained the way his former employer worked their bonuses; basing them on a number of factors. When you ran the formula, the team’s members got paid accordingly. He also thought that with a team of three, he would be grateful to just get a bonus and he assumed he would get the normal 80%. After all, he was leaving the company soon. As it turned out, Rob was informed that he was the one to be given the 120%. A bonus, a good one, should be coming! Two weeks after leaving this company, Rob’s former employer announced the corporate earnings figures and his former manager sent him the new numbers along with the bonus payout. The amount was exactly what Jasmin had claimed; two times what he had received the year before! They could hardly contain themselves! Though God had tremendously blessed them and answered their prayers so dramatically, Rob was still questioning his leaving a full time opportunity for a consulting job. But again, God showed off. The Monday Rob started at the new company, his old team contacted him to inform him that his former manager was no longer managing their team. Two teams were being consolidated under management of a new person. Rob thought, “In 11 years of consulting at a dozen firms and with well over 100 team members around the world, this guy was only 1 of 2 people I simply could not work with. Money and opportunity aside, had I stayed, I would have been miserable.” God knew that and He let Rob know that he had made the right decision to move on, at the right time.

Pastor Steve and LWFC have taught us so much about speaking to our mountain, standing in faith (sometimes standing still) and doing our part. Rob says, “When you put it all together and your family (even the children) are coming together to pray and speak it, then there is nothing that can get in your way of overflow!”