Melanie Caronna

God’s blessings come in all shapes and sizes, and many times those blessings come in ways that just amaze us. Based on her testimony, Melanie Caronna has gained a new perspective on trusting God.

Melanie has been a proud member of the workforce since she was 18 years of age. That is why she felt completely lost when she was laid off about four years ago from the job she loved. She tried selling health insurance for a short while but it did not provide a steady paycheck, which created a financial strain on her family. Melanie brought in a large part of the household income and not being able to work left her feeling irritable and without much purpose. She decided to go back to a previous employer to ask for part-time work. To her surprise, they hired her on the spot for a full-time position.

In January 2010, however, she received a $2.00 an hour cut in pay. Melanie recalls thinking, “Oh no! Here we go again!” On top of that, on her birthday her husband lost his job. This turn of events really tested Melanie’s faith. With so many trials going on, she continued saying to herself: Do not lean on your own understanding! Which is taken from the scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

On the bright side, Melanie’s former job had required her to work every Sunday, so the loss of that job did allow her to attend church regularly again, which was a blessing. Throughout this time of transition she also started listening to Christian music and noticed she was more at peace. “When I am stressed out or angry at work or home, I listen to praise and worship music and just listening to the words and music, I am automatically less stressed.” She is even able to play a Christian radio station at a low volume on her computer at work which has made a huge impact in her life.
Last October Melanie was named Project Manager over the largest project her company has ever taken on. This project required her to hire 20 temps, only 1 of whom spoke English. She did not understand why she was chosen to oversee this project; she even asked her manager “Why me? Wouldn’t someone else be better at this?” She had no idea how to head up a project that she was not familiar with, but through much prayer and guidance from another co-worker and friend, they finished the project two weeks early and received a nice bonus for doing such a great job. She was a little shocked when her boss gave her the bonus; Melanie only remembers looking at her boss and crying.
The following day Melanie’s boss told her how much she admired her for how she responded. Apparently, the first thing Melanie said was not “thank you” but “I can’t wait to tithe off of this on Sunday! God is so good and so rewarding when we give to Him.” The Bible tells us that He loves a cheerful giver. Tithing has definitely made a difference in Melanie’s life. She wants to say, “Thank you Living Word for teaching me this!”

Since Melanie has learned to speak only positive things over her life and changed her way of talking in general, her life has changed and the people around her at work have also changed. “It’s so awesome to know that God’s light shines through me and others are constantly seeing that. It tells me I must be doing something right.”

In August of 2010, Joshua got a job! Melanie can say with confidence “I am blessed by the best because I serve the best”. Melanie would not have learned all that she has, had she not been laid off from her job that kept her from attending Living Word on Sundays. What the enemy means for harm, our God will turn around for our benefit and His glory!