LaKeshia Bond

LaKeshia Bond a.k.a. “The cake maker” in the kitchen, “Family trip coordinator” to her family, and “Sweet-heart” to her ‘one and only,’ is also happy to simply be known as a child of God who knows where her blessings come from. LaKeshia and her husband Dedric are very aware of the challenges that life brings. Every day they try to keep up with all of the dynamics of building a healthy relationship with each other, establishing careers they can be proud of and serving their community at the same time. Also, trying to be faithful about keeping their minds and hearts close to the One to whom they belong. But for now, reflecting on God’s goodness for His awesome blessings is the order of the day.

Lakeshia was working hard to build her new cake-making business and her husband Dedric was believing for a promotion to Sergeant within the police department. But, there was yet another desire in Lakeshia’s heart that she held as a young girl; she wanted to be in the medical field. Both Lakeshia and Dedric had the desire to achieve their dreams and were encouraged by their families as well as by the way Pastor Steve teaches from scripture. “He constantly reminds us of the fact that God wants us to succeed, but it must be done His way to accomplish what’s best for us.” LaKeshia adds, “It was very important to me that Dedric and I found a church that we both could enjoy and grow in.” The couple continued to tithe and pray for Lakeshia’s future medical career. Family and friends joined them in prayer.

LaKeshia’s prayers and desires to go back to school to acquire a degree in the medical field were becoming reality, but not exactly how she thought it might turn out. She expressed that since she was young, she always loved to see people happy and smiling from their souls out; especially children. As a young teen, she said she had low self-esteem and really didn’t think she did anything well, but always had a heart for helping and serving others. As she grew into a young adult, she knew she wanted to help children and thought about becoming a pediatrician. In college she began working at the hospital full-time and volunteering part-time in Pediatrics.

Everything changed when one day as she got on the elevator at the hospital and a physical therapist and a young boy about 9 years of age got on the elevator with her. LaKeshia explained, “The young boy “appeared” to have had surgery to reattach his arm and was going through therapy to gain mobility again. All he had to do was push the button to the floor we were going to and when he accomplished that he was rewarded with praise from his therapist! However, when I got to my floor, I went into the waiting-room bathroom, locked the door and began to cry. I knew right then and there I could not be a pediatrician because if a child died in my care, I wasn’t sure I could recover from that.”

After talking to a good friend who wanted to pursue dentistry after undergrad, I began to consider dentistry. I knew that if a child died I couldn’t replace that child. But, if a tooth died I could make another one to look just like the others; stains and all!” So, LaKeshia has plans to enroll in a local college’s dental program, with an intended graduation date in 2014.

Dedric was given his promotion to Sergeant and LaKeshia put the icing on the blessing cake when she said, “I am thanking God for healthy, God-fearing children!” She has already taken hold of the promises that God has for their future family. Hebrews 4:16 (MSGB) says, “So let’s walk right up to Him and get what He is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help.” That’s why LaKeshia and Dedric will be smiling all the way to the throne of God.