Jason and Yvonne Wynn

had been married for almost four years. God had blessed them with an awesome house and Yvonne had recently gotten a great new job. With everything going so well, in March 2002 they decided it was the perfect time to start a family. What sounded like a simple and natural progression in life tested their faith far beyond their expectation.

Disappointment grew as the months passed and they had not yet conceived. Although doctors advised that this was not uncommon, one month of waiting turned into two, two became three, and then their wait was being measured not in months but in years. What started as concern and frustration turned into great discouragement. Yvonne had been to four OBGYN doctors. The first found no reason why they could not conceive. The second ran tests and suspected she had fibroids, but deemed further treatment unnecessary. Disheartened, Yvonne left this medical practice a couple years later to seek another opinion. Upon taking her records, she learned that the doctor had withheld important information about the fibroids. One was considerably larger than the others and she was not sure if they had grown more since then. This became the most difficult part of the journey. Yvonne was very angry and even spoke with lawyers about the possibility of taking her doctor to court for negligence. Eventually, God helped her to realize that it was not worth pursuing. Instead, she continued to pray and ask God for abundant strength, wisdom and direction. Yvonne’s third doctor simply gave up on her. Many doctors and staff thought she was ‘crazy’, but Yvonne and Jason knew that God had given them insight and showed them that they would one day conceive. As Yvonne visited a 4th OBGYN she was beginning to feel desperate but she was determined to seek God’s direction. “I remember that day when I first walked into the doctor’s office and I had prayed for God to lead me in what doctor to choose. The receptionist actually gave me a hint about one particular doctor. This doctor did not even seem to be accepting many new patients at the time. This was God’s favor.” Finally, Yvonne had found a doctor who would not give up on her or dismiss her as ‘crazy’. By this time her fibroid had grown to about 5 inches in diameter and the doctor insisted Yvonne have surgery to remove it. Yvonne underwent the myomectomy in 2007. As the Wynn’s continued to anxiously await pregnancy, the doctor gently suggested they go to an infertility specialist. Even when Jason and Yvonne did this, every option the specialist brought to them was prayed over and they did not let this other doctor rush them into anything.

Yvonne and Jason learned that they had to continually act on their faith and exercise it, rather than expecting God to do all of the work. They worked their faith (James 2:26). Many times throughout the years they bought baby clothes, baby toys, subscribed to baby magazines, and looked up information about pregnancy online. They had to focus on God and what He was showing them and not on what they could (or could not) see (Matthew 14:27-32). “We needed to find ways to encourage ourselves in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6) and NOT allow our faith to waiver” (James 1:5-8). Some days were easier than others, but it was always worth it. There were many times when adoption and other options had crossed their minds, but God had never led them to pursue any of it. “I even remember some conversations that Jason and I had, where I would be talking through tears and suggesting for us to look into adoption anyway; knowing that we had not been led by God to do it. I just wanted to make the pain go away. Jason stood his ground and firmly reminded me about ‘what God told us…’. So in an effort to be obedient to God, I wiped my tears, did not give up and kept going, kept praying and kept doing what God was leading me to do.” God spoke to them in so many ways directly and indirectly through people, dreams, songs, and timely circumstances that they knew these were not ‘coincidences’, or simply through His indescribable peace which surpasses all understanding. Yvonne wrote of these things in her journal, which later served as a reminder of God’s promises and His faithfulness, even during the most challenging times. As the years passed, Yvonne felt confirmation from God that the wait for pregnancy was not going to be much longer. In the meantime, she continued to trust God and do what He told her to do; she confessed, proclaimed, declared and spoke pregnancy in Jesus’ Name. “Our faith continued to increase even more, throughout the journey… so much to the point where we were even testifying to people ‘in the midst’ of going through it. We told them how God ‘will’ bless us with being able to conceive and give birth to our children. Some believed with us and some did not. Once we did our part as God lead us, any negativity and lack of faith that others ‘tried’ to influence us with… we dismissed it. We then distanced ourselves from it and also from them, in order to protect our hearts and the visions that God gave to us (Proverbs 4:23).” This is why one of the most important elements was the support system they found in other people. God had strategically placed people in their lives who prayed with them and for them concerning their impending pregnancy. “There were times when these people had more faith with us in our circumstance, than we did. They encouraged us to be patient and to wait on the Lord (Psalm 27:14). These people were and still are very much of a blessing to us.” The Lord especially used Pastors Steve and Connie at Living Word during very challenging seasons of discouragement. There were sermons that they preached in April 2009, during the ‘One Prayer’ Series, when various Pastors were trading sermons online. The one stipulation was that they had to use the phrase “God Is”. Pastor Steve’s sermon was “God is Strategic”. Around that time, Pastor Connie preached a sermon called “Navigating Through the Darkness”. Yvonne found these messages extremely encouraging and timely. God was strategic in her situation; when she was going through a dark time, which the devil tried to use to defeat her. But what the devil meant for bad, God turned into good (Genesis 50:20). At times Yvonne was amazed that she still had joy and peace during such a prolonged season. She knew it was sustained by nothing but the power of God in her life and she thanks God that it gave her an opportunity to encourage others through her experience.

After eight years and one month, in May 2010, the long awaited day finally arrived. While preparing for a week-long vacation in Virginia Beach, Yvonne learned that she was pregnant! When they came back in town the OBGYN staff asked how she became pregnant (assuming she went through one of the infertility procedures). Yvonne simply told everyone that “God did it!” Even the infertility specialist did not know how she could have gotten pregnant considering her history! Yvonne did not rush into any procedures with this doctor. Ironically, in the last year before getting pregnant she stumbled onto other possibilities. She followed her primary doctor’s advice and took vitamin D. Later she found out through research how the lack of this can contribute to infertility. She also took other vitamin supplements, such as phosphorus (phosfood) and even Geritol. Lastly, she went to a chiropractor and was educated about how every part of the spine controls and aids each part of the body, including the reproductive organs. Yvonne read a book called Supernatural Childbirth, where she found many confessions and scriptures that helped her a great deal. God abundantly blessed her throughout the months of her pregnancy.

Previously, Yvonne had done similar work in the corporate world, but during the years they were waiting on God for their family, she was building her own website/graphic design business. This accompanied by recent changes in her husband’s work schedule had put them in a better position to be at home once their baby arrived. In December 2010, David was born. God gave them the name David years before he was even conceived. He is a healthy and happy physical manifestation from God! Ironically, also in December, Jason’s father and brother had died. It was a terrible shock to the entire family, especially during this time of the year. Yvonne also had an aunt that had died during that month, too. Their families were even more thankful for their son David during such a difficult time. Some relatives even expressed how David helped them to have hope and even gave them something to look forward to. These were some of the ‘same’ people who did not even believe with them during all of the years Jason and Yvonne were declaring pregnancy by faith. It gave them both a very precious opportunity to talk to them about their faith in God and how they trust Him. They admit that their son was definitely worth the wait as they waited on the Lord! (Isaiah 40:31) Jason and Yvonne are now dressing little David with pride, in those clothes they bought by faith during their long journey to pregnancy. They give God all of the glory… as they continue to tell people about all of the wonderful things that the Lord has done!