George and Sherry Wallace

George and Sherry Wallace along with their family: Tori 14, Alix 13, Colin 3 and Nikki 1, attended church for many years. Sherry had a close friend invite her to an in home Bible study in 2005. That Bible study ultimately changed her life. It was the facilitator of that study that invited Sherry to attend a Sunday night prayer service at Living Word. After attending one Sunday night, George and Sherry began attending the Dominion By The Word conference that the Church holds each year.

In January 2008 the Wallace family started attending Wednesday night Bible study classes at Living Word. Shortly after, the family began attending Living Word full time: Sunday mornings, evenings and Wednesday nights.
Sherry, a dedicated wife and mother, homeschools her children. In addition, George, Sherry and their family had worked at a local camp for seven years. The family gave up their summers and often twenty-four hours a day during camp season to work for the camp. George and Sherry poured a lot of their time into the basketball and cheerleading programs at the camp and served as basketball and cheerleading commissioners for many years.

On October 31, 2008, George’s boss, approached George and informed him that he would soon be losing his job. George and Sherry were in disbelief. They could not believe that this was really happening to their family. As Sherry recalls how they felt through this she said, “Honestly, we both did get the “Jonah” attitude for a while—waiting for God to zap them maybe?

In February 2008, just one month after the Wallace family decided to make Living Word their home Church, blessings began pouring into their lives, left and right. In February 2008, Sherry was pregnant and her Doctor stopped charging them co-payments and co-insurance when she went in for her routine visits. In addition, they were given a 1999 Honda Odyssey. George and Sherry knew this harvest was due to them sowing a vehicle to another family the previous year. In April the family was given a free vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. In June and July the family was blessed with gift cards, discounts, toys, clothes and George was hired at the Wakefield, YMCA as a part-time swim instructor and life guard! In August, Sherry was given a baby shower and received a double stroller for the baby.

In September, baby Nikki was born, happy and healthy! Even though Sherry’s C-section was scheduled three weeks before her due date, Sherry went into labor one day before the scheduled surgery. The doctor’s scheduled this because they were concerned that it could be dangerous for Sherry to carry full term, due to her past pregnancies. Sherry’s uterus erupted as soon as the surgery began. God protected Nikki by allowing her to lay breech and her face was protected from the scalpel. He held Sherry’s uterus together and allowed the doctor to patch it and her bladder back up, easily.
As Sherry’s body healed from giving birth and from her surgery, she continued to speak the Word of God over herself. Several members of Living Word gave the Wallace family meals after Sherry and Nikki arrived home from the hospital.
From money to gifts to discounts on services to God’s healing and protection, the Wallace family was continually blessed all throughout the year.

In January 2009, the loss of Georges job was final. But, the blessings of God continued to overtake the Wallace family. Again, from Gods favor and protection to family and friends giving them money, gift cards and free services, God supplied above and beyond all of their needs. In April 2009, George was hired by TLC Dog Training and Boarding, Inc. as a part-time dog trainer. In May, the family was blessed with a 2003 Chevy Tahoe. Once again, they sowed their current vehicle to a family in need and now they are excited to see what harvest that will bring into their lives! In September, George was hired by Ambassador Service Group, full-time as a private contractor and the family was again given a vacation at the beach!

Two years after the outpouring of Gods favor and blessings began to rain upon the Wallace family, Sherry was baptized at Living Word after being led to do so by the Holy Spirit. Sherry accepted Christ into her life when she was fourteen years old. However, after her parents divorce when Sherry was in High School, she turned away from God. Then, many years ago, after giving her life back over to Him, Sherry was never re-baptized. After being baptized in February 2010, Sherry remembers feeling so free!

“Our biggest blessing from Living Word is the changes we see in our children! Our girls went from being bored at Church, sadly sometimes falling asleep in the service, to being disappointed when we don’t have Church because of Holidays or snow!” The Wallace children want to be at Church every time the doors are open and even baby Colin cries when it is time to leave.

Because George and Sherry chose to be obedient and walk the narrow road that God had laid out for them, His abundant provision and favor have been supplied.