Darlene-DunnDarlene Dunn

knew that even during tough times, God would stick by her side. She believed the words spoken at every Sunday service “when I give, it will be given back to me.” She and her husband James were tithers. They believe that God will help them through any financial struggle. They were making it all work, despite James’ recent career change. James had invested in a new massage therapy business and Darlene focused on eliminating debt. Despite some financial hardships, she grew stronger in faith. Together the couple tithed faithfully and always managed to have enough money to make it.

Darlene and James presented their financial problems to God. When they sat down to discuss the situation, James asked Darlene to check into her disability severance. If it had been paid off, she would receive a monthly check from the government. She put in a call to the VA and scheduled an appointment at the regional office. Eager to get the process started, Darlene showed up early for her appointment. But to her dismay, the representative had left early. How could they forget her appointment? Determined, Darlene called the VA main office and rescheduled her appointment.

When Darlene did meet with her VA representative she learned that her back pay was held up in Texas; all she had to do was update her information and the money would be sent! Unfortunately, working with the government would elongate the process; so she was eager to get started. She rushed home, filled out her change of address form and filled out a direct deposit check. Immediately she went to the post office and sent her documents by certified mail.

When she received a confirmation letter from the VA, she was disappointed to find out that they were not sure when they could get started processing her claim. Repeated phone calls with automatic hang-ups, voice automated systems and not being able to speak with a human frustrated Darlene. “I would get conflicting answers, but I was no closer to getting it resolved.” Darlene and James learned at Living Word that in order to overcome any obstacle they had to continue to pray and speak God’s Word over it. In this case that required them to speak that her paperwork would be completed. She continued to follow up with the Texas VA office despite being told constantly that she would have to call back in 5-7 days for a status update. After being forwarded to a “coach” (who is a step above a regular claims processor) she became frustrated with the woman’s rude attitude and could only hang up the phone and cry. “I kept praying and believing that I would get the full amount owed to me over all these years.”

Just after Christmas 2010, Darlene received a call from the VA. Her paperwork had been finalized. Her persistence had paid off! They verified some details with Darlene and direct deposited her disability back pay. Despite months of calls, misleading or no answers from the VA; God answered! “God exceeded our expectations. There was enough to pay off Hannah’s tuition, establish an emergency fund, pay off my car and several bills.” Darlene and James’ first check was for God’s tithe. “He is faithful, especially when we need it.” Living Word Family Church showed her that faith–by encouraging her to speak the Word over her finances and her situation with the VA, she was able to trust God to deliver her financial needs.

Darlene and James are excited to continue their focus on shattering their debt and are eagerly awaiting to attend the next Financial Peace University at Living Word. After 4 months of frustrations, God delivered!