Betsey Alexander

In 2003, Betsey Alexander was hired as an Advanced Research Technician for a lab at NC State University. She worked there for seven years as a part-time employee, to which she received no employee benefits. Betsey loved her job, and remained faithful not only to her work, but to her church as well, by continuing to tithe and give while believing for favor and increase. She has always believed that some people say they can’t afford to tithe, she can’t afford not to. Betsey knows that by tithing, God will pour out favor and blessings upon the tither.

Betsey witnessed God’s promises manifesting in her life in July of 2010. She had completed as many hours as she could as a part-time employee and was laid off for six weeks during the summer. Some people might have complained and worried, wondering why this had happened when they faithfully tithed and gave to God’s house, but Betsey viewed it as a blessing. She and her son were able to use that time to travel and visit with family. Her faith in God’s promises did not waver. She knew He would provide, and that His plans were for her to prosper.

Six weeks came to an end and Betsey was rehired as a full-time employee with a 33% pay increase and employee benefits. She was still able to do what she loved and was given the same job as before, only now she was a full-time employee. When asked, Betsey will tell you, without a doubt, that it was all because she tithes and gives into the house of God. She knows that she is reaping a harvest for the diligence that was sown both tithing and in her job. “You can’t expect an instantaneous return,” she quotes, “You have to believe and stand.” Betsey also encourages fellow believers to stay strong and be obedient to God in tithing. “I am a tither and a giver and I live under the open window of heaven! If you’re not tithing now, I strongly urge you to do so! God’s Word is true and it works!”