Areinia and Sheldon Adams

What would you do if two weeks before Christmas, one year after the purchase of your first home, you lost half of your income? What If your phone rang constantly with friends and family wondering, “How will you pay your bills?”, “Can you survive on one income?, “What if you lose your home?” – How would you answer them? Areinia and Sheldon Adams faced these questions and more.

One Friday morning in December 2008, Areinia Adams arrived for work. As she entered the building she saw there were three security guards standing vigil at the reception desk, instead of the usual one. This quickly made for an uncomfortable greeting. She took her badge and attempted to open the door, but for some reason it would not allow her entry. So security had to let her in. A process which was not normal. Immediately she began to feel a strong heaviness, like the energy of the building was being drained. No one talked, laughed or joked which was another thing out of the ordinary for a Friday. As she worked, Areinia again took note of the intense atmosphere. The intensity, she realized, was set off by the tension of upper management who avoided communication with everyone. It wasn’t long before they called her into the office. “A calming spirit surrounded me as I walked into that office. I knew it was the Holy Spirit.” It was during that time Areinia was learning to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. In the office, Areinia was solemnly handed a yellow envelope. “I couldn’t believe it, I was being laid off! They were so secretive about it, never warning anyone.”

Areinia left the office and drove straight to her husband Sheldon’s workplace. Her thoughts racing, she wondered how he would react. Standing in front of his desk, she waited for him to finish a phone conversation. Sheldon looked at his wife in puzzlement and hung up the phone. “That’s it. I’m done. They let me go,” she said. He took his coat, and walked with her outside. After much hugging, along with words of comfort and support, he encouraged his wife to go spend some quiet time at home and not to worry about picking up their daughter in daycare. She took his advice and went home.

Areinia sat alone in the quiet house for hours, staring blankly at a black television screen. “I remember sitting there thinking, what will happen now? How will we handle this?”

The stress was beginning, but so was the work of Holy Spirit. “As I sat there, I heard the Spirit reminding me that everything would be okay if I trusted God and remained faithful to His Word. It was then that I made the choice to have faith.”

After the layoff, the Adam’s received phone call after phone call from people wondering what they were going to do. “I knew the enemy wanted all these questions at the fore front of our minds. So every time a question came at me I replied; God will take care of us, we will be okay, and we will not lose one blessing God has given us!” It wasn’t long before new blessings came pouring in.

“Our first thought was to take Ava out of daycare. But when we went to the daycare they said, “No way, your not taking her out.” They allowed us to make daily payments whenever we brought her instead of weekly payments, what a blessing! Ava and I had 5 months together, precious time that I didn’t have when I worked full time. Yet another blessing! I was already enrolled in school for my Masters in Family Therapy and the time off from work allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and I was blessed with a friend who was studying for the same degree. She connected me to a mental health agency which offered me a position in counseling, the type of job I always desired. In May of 2009, we found out I was pregnant with our second child! My new schedule allowed me to stay home with my second daughter Victoria, attend school, and work part time. I’ve also started a home business bringing in additional income!

Despite everything, the Adam’s never once fell behind on their bills. They were able to pay off one of their vehicles and have since received a bonus and some promotions. Through it all, Areinia persisted in her giving and strongly believes that is the reason their finances never faltered. “I didn’t know what favor was until I came to Living Word. It’s hard to put into words the feelings I have. I’m very thankful to God for planting me here and preparing my spirit for that day. Without His spirit the enemy would have taken control of the situation, as well as the events that followed.”

In June 2009, Areinia was baptized. A decision she believes changed her thought pattern and attitude towards everything. “The Lord has brought me to a new place in my life spiritually. It feels so good to keep a smile on my face and in my heart no matter what’s going on around me. I worry less and pray more! For anyone who is currently going through a difficult situation, have faith. Don’t let the enemy make your situation so big that you can’t see what God has already promised for you in his Word. There is nothing too big for God. I believe when you change your thinking to be more positive and faithful, you’ll find that it’s much easier to receive the blessings that God has in store for you. When the enemy throws you a fast ball, hit it out of the park and get your home run!”