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Marcus WiIliams
Marcus WiIliams

Student Ministries Youth Director

Was raised in the ministry, serving alongside his parents in their church located in Florida.
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Pastor Tammy Queen

Executive Pastor

Has been involved with Living Word since 2000. She became part of the LWFC staff in 2002.
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Pastor Micah Caronna

Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

Is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center with over a decade of ministry experience including. . .
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Pastor Jody Mitchell

Children’s Ministry

Has been involved in Children’s ministry for over 7 years. His passion is to see children’s hearts. . .
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Pastor Jamie Tobler

Young Adults, Outreach and Missions

Has been involved with LWFC since 2001. He began in a year long internship with the youth ministry. . .
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Pastor Brad Honeycutt

Financial Director

Graduated from Emmanuel College in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration.
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Pastor Alan Young

Security Director and LWMU Dean

Is a graduate of North Carolina State University and Living Word Ministry University. . .
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